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Frequently Asked Questions?

Q : I don't see my model listed, do you still offer work?

     A : Yes we do, if you don't see your model shoot us an email to see what we might have available. If you don't see models such as 23, 32, 22 etc listed, that is because they share the same exterior footprint as their respective models (19/23/32 and  17/22/31 etc.) if you have additional questions though we are happy to help, just shoot us an email at or call 520-367-5232  (contact info info is also located on the ORDER FORM page).

Q :What if my slide already has existing slide work or front serrations? 

     A : If you have a slide that has been cut from another company, please reach out to us at to confirm your available options. If you have a FS (front serration) model or gen5 that includes the front serrations from the factory, a Gen5 MOS for example, some designs may not be an option or slightly vary upon completion due to the fact that material has already been removed from the factory where we would normally require material remain in order to complete our CNC slide designs.

Q : What's the difference between Viper, RMR, Venom and FF3.

     A : All optic cuts are not the same. RMR is a product offered by Trijicon. the VIper and Venom are products offered only by Vortex. Lastly the FF3 (Fast Fire 3) is a product offered by Burris. (FF2 models are not accepted at this time). We also offer optic cuts for the Delta Point Pro, an optic offered by Leupold, as well s the RMS and RMS-C From Sheild UK and the NEW Holosun 407k / 507k. Optic cuts for the FF3, Vortex Viper and Vortex Venom may expose the firing pin safety due to the overall length of the optics and cannot be avoided, this is not an issue.... We will modify your stock one on our lathe in order to ensure proper function, this is why internals are required with these specific optic cuts. If your optic is not shown on the drop-down (DPP, FF3 or RMS) please select Trijicon RMR and use the order form comments for the correct optic mounting option.

Q : Now that I've placed my order, what do I do next?

     A : After your order is placed, navigate to the ORDER FORM page, print and fill out a copy of the form and send it with your slide. Remember to fill out the order form accurately and to include all desired options. DO NOT SEND bulky packaging or OEM cases... Due to the nature of our business we do not carry large or oversized boxes and may not be able to return all original packaged non-functional items without additional fees that may be passed on.


Q : Can I send my slide now and pay after work is complete?

     A : There are some instances where a customer would like to take part in a sale or even just get in line for work earlier than, lets say their next payday.... although ordering on the website is preferred for tracking and notification purposes we can still help....Just navigate to the ORDER FORM page and print and fill out the order form as mentioned above, send it with your slide, and include in the comments any needed information pertaining to the order (discount code, chamfers, window options if applicable etc.). Manually billing at a later date sometimes incurs a $10 fee for creating a separate transaction during busy times of the year but does allow you to make payment AFTER your work is complete. 

Q : Does my slide need to be stripped before I send it?

     A : Not everyone has the means or the experience to completely strip their slide, although it does cut down on some work on our side we do not require the slide to be stripped prior to shipping and are happy to take care of it for you at no charge. You're Welcome!

Q : Is there a fee for disassembly and re-assembly?

     A : No dice, we don't charge to strip your slide or re-assemble it, that's on the house

Q : Can I send new sights and have you install them?

     A : Yes, and as mentioned above there will be no charge, just add the sights and request on the hand written order form comments.

Q : Some companies don't remove or install a new channel liner after cerakote, do you?

     A : Yes we do, any good company worth their salt in the firearm refinishing industry knows that a channel liner, after exposed to high temperatures for an extended period, shrink and require pulling prior to refinishing or replacement... we got you!

Q : Can I send my mag bases or other accessories to be color matched?

     A : Yes you can. We don't charge for the first added accessory such as a mag base or magwell etc. Items such as weapon mounted lights (NEW) such as the APL-C or TLR-1 will be done for a fee but will have to be seen before pricing is given.  Used or badly worn WMLs will be done at our discretion dependent on condition.... some WMLs that require aggressive blasting to reach the require surface finish will be sent back due to potential possible damage to the item in order to attain proper cerakote prep.

Q :Can I make changes to my order after its been placed?

     A : As a general response, yes... If you have placed the order online and would like to make changes all that's needed is an updated order form, if you haven't sent your order form in yet that's a simple request, just add or subtract the changes that you'd like to make and we can refund or bill the difference at the time of shipping or after work is complete. If you have already sent your order form in with your slide work order we will do our best to make the requested changes but we cannot guarantee those changes will take place due to the number of employees that are involved in the order completion process and the amount of orders that arrive on a daily basis.

Q : What is your return policy?

     A : We have a no questions asked return policy if you are unhappy with any product we offer. All we ask is that the product is in the condition that it was received in at the time of return and proper care was taken during ordering. If you would like to continue with your return for any reason, please call so we can supply a RMA# and work with you to make sure your concerns are taken care of. That being said, if you return a product damaged, without an RMA#, or noticeably used, applicable refunds will be discretionary. 

520-367-5232 / 8:30am - 5:00pm

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