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El CuCuy : Glock 34,35

The stuff of both nightmares and dreams...

Customer sent OEM Slide Machining Package for Glock models 34/35 and 17L and will include single color cerakote.

*Machining packages are for OEM slides and all profiles and will include roll mark removal.

*Package includes Front Recoil Lug "Bob Cut" standard on 34/35 models, NOT Available on 17L slides.

*** Cover plate not included

El CuCuy : Glock 34,35

  • Standard/Large Glocks EX. 17,19,34,20,22,26 

    • RMR Footprint: Fits Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507/407C, Holosun 509 *with slight mod to lugs 

    • Trijicon RMRCC

    • Holosun 507/407k

    • Holosun EPS

    • Holosun 508T * We cut specifically for this which is slightly smaller than a RMR

    • Vortex Viper

    • Vortex Venom

    • Leupold Delta Point Pro

    • Steiner MPS

    • Burris Fast Fire 3

    Single Stack Frames 43,43x,48 

    • RMSC Footprint, Holosun 507/407K

    • Holosun EPS * We cut specifically for this which is slightly larger than the K models

    • Trijicon RMRCC *Due the length of the optic we relocate the rear sight in front of the optic.

  • See info page for cerakote options

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