The wait is finally over... The BoogeyMan "Excommunicado" Glock Trigger has arrived!! We are proud to bring to you our patented skeletonized "Floating Pin Design".. BRUUUUH, Seriously!?!? We have gone to great lengths to produce a Silky Smooth safety that just melts away. Trigger color combinations are made to order and ship within 24-48 hours. You want a Red shoe with Purple safety? Or how about a Black or FDE trigger with a Blue or Grey safety... the possibilities are endless... Go Ahead, GET BUCK WILD, we got you! 

--- Kill-Switch, ENGAGE!!!


- Gen 3, 4 & 5 Drop in Compatible

- OEM Trigger Bar to ensure proper fit and function

- Custom Trigger Color combinations available :

     - Trigger Shoe availble in :

         - Black, Red & FDE

     - Trigger Safety availble in :

         - Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Purple & Solid Brass

     - Trigger Pin Upgrade Options also available :

         - Upgrade your Steel Trigger pins to self lubricating Phosphor Bronze!!

- Not large frame compatible

** Required when upgrading to the Brass Safety

Brass Safeties are tumble polished, dried and coated in Cerakote 5100 to ensure a brilliant and lasting finish. If you want your brass to patina, please use comments to request no cerakote clear on your brass safety.

"Excommunicado" Glock Trigger

Trigger Shoe Option