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The HYVE : Glock 19

Get Infected!!!

Customer sent OEM Slide Machining Package for Glock models 19, 23 and 32 and will include single color cerakote.

*Machining shown is for OEM slide profile will include roll mark removal.

Package includes front and rear top Exclusive HYVE Serrations

If selecting an optic cut, rear HYVE Serrations will not be cut.

*** Cover plate not included



The HYVE : Glock 19

  • See info page for cerakote options

  • Standard/Large Glocks Frames EX. 17,19,34,20,21,22,26 

    Single Stack Frames 43,43x,48 

    • RMR Footprint: Fits Trijicon RMR, Holosun 507/407C, Holosun 509 *with slight mod to lugs 

    • Trijicon RMRCC

    • Holosun 507/407k

    • Holosun EPS

    • Holosun 508T * We cut specifically for this which is slightly smaller than a RMR

    • Vortex Viper

    • Vortex Venom

    • Leupold Delta Point Pro

    • Steiner MPS

    • Burris Fast Fire 3

    • RMSC Footprint, Holosun 507/407K

    • Holosun EPS * We cut specifically for this which is slightly larger than the K models

    • Trijicon RMRCC *Due the length of the optic we relocate the rear sight in front of the optic.

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