If you're looking for some solid upgraded slide work for you OEM G45... Look. No. Further. WE GOT YOU! While the factory Glock front OEM serrations work, they dont PERFORM... Thats where we come in! New integrated double depth front teeth take the OEM serrations and add a buttload more traction and ooohhhhh so much fire to the look of this bad boy...


   -  Availble in Standard and Enhanced Versions : 

       * Standard version is front, top and rear enhanced serrations, with no windows

       * Enhanced version includes double depth front serrations, top window w/ integrated upper serrations

       * Standard version not availble on G45 at this time.


* Touches slide.....  SSSssssssssssst...(Sizzle Sound Emits) 


Top serrated window as shown is standard. IF YOU DO NOT WANT A WINDOW PLEASE SPECIFY ON ORDER FORM.

Enhanced Carry : 19 G45

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