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Enhanced Titanium Pin Sets

Stop messing with flat faced OEM pins, stay away from aftermarket cerakoted pins, easily bent stainless pin sets yeah no thanks.. its time for a #motherfuckinupgrade!! Pure 6al-4v Ti goodness...Enhanced Titanium Dimpled Pin Sets for your builds are BACK...  Our Gen3 and Gen4 Pin sets now include slide stop lever spring detents, gone are the days of that damn spring shifting off to the side causing weak slide stop retention, THE FUTURE IS NOW OLD MAN!!


- Gen3 : 3 Pin Sets

- Gen4 : 3 Pin Sets

- Gen5 and G43 2 Pin Sets

- Colors Available : 

     - Raw Titanium : Polished

     - Anodized : Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, Purple


Enhanced Titanium Pin Sets

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