Dont waste your time looking anywhere else, THIS IS WHERE ITS AT!!!

The original VF-1 Valkyrie was also known as a "veritech" fighter.  Generally able to transform from jet into a humanoid robot and a/or hybrid of the two modes, better known as Gerwalk (Guardian).  Unleash your inner 80's on your customer sent OEM Slide.... LONG LIVE THE BRAIN PALACE!!!


- Availble for Gen 1-5 G19 19X and G17 models


- All Valkyrie Slide work packages include 45 degree side chamfers at no additional cost

     - Add your Optic cut of choice for only $45 bones

     - If you would like to add a Sheild RMS or RMS-C, select RMR and please use comments



Valkyrie : G19 G17 & G43

Glock Model
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